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Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything covered under the personal property section of my homeowners or rental policy?

Most items are covered for a variety of perils that include fire, theft and vandalism. HOWEVER: it’s important to know that some items have specific coverage limits. These usually include jewelry, money, watercraft, trailers, grave markers, art and guns, to name a few. This means that, for instance, if you own jewelry that has a greater value than the policy limits, you wouldn’t be covered for anything over those limits. You CAN increase your coverage by having them specifically insured (or ‘scheduled’).

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat’s the difference between Comprehensive and Collision Coverage?

Collision insurance would cover a loss to your vehicle that is caused by its impact with another vehicle or object.  Comprehensive insurance (sometimes referred to as ‘other than collision’) protects against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by perils other than collision or upset, such as glass replacement, fire, theft or vandalism.

I want to save money.  Shouldn’t I carry the lowest amount of auto insurance I can?

Here’s the problem with this approach to saving money.  You’re required to carry auto insurance because there is an inherent risk every time you get behind the wheel.  The problem with carrying minimum levels of auto insurance is that you could be left with ENORMOUS expenses that exceed those limits.  Medical costs continue to rise, as does the price of vehicles and the costs to repair them.  By saving a few dollars with lower limits, you run a great risk of costing yourself much more than you’ll ever save.  Insurance is designed to protect you against risk, so it’s never a good idea to take a risk with inadequate coverage.

I’m going to rent a moving van / truck.  Is it covered as a Temporary Substitute vehicle on my auto policy?

Not necessarily.  The idea of temporary substitute vehicle coverage is to protect you when you’re driving a vehicle that is like the vehicle currently listed on your existing auto insurance declarations page.  When you rent or lease commercial-type vehicles like moving vans/trucks, commercial passenger vans or a recreational vehicle, certain restrictions and/or exclusions apply.  Before you assume you have coverage, contact your insurance agent to verify your coverage BEFORE renting.

I have liability coverage as part of my homeowners insurance AND my automobile insurance… so why would I need a liability umbrella?

You need a personal liability umbrella because lawsuits are everywhere and courts are awarding larger settlements than ever before. You have specific limits on liability built into your homeowners, auto and other policies. If you’re found negligent or at fault, no one can predict how much a judge may award an injured party. A personal liability umbrella policy provides that extra liability protection above and beyond your existing policy limits and ‘kicks in’ when the liability on your other policies has been exhausted.